Through our complimentary Art Advisory, we aim to give you, the collector, a greater connection to the art by delivering a richer understanding of the artist. We source international artwork from galleries, art fairs, auction houses & our own stable of artists.

As an Art Agency, we have selected eight emerging & established contemporary artists from, Barcelona, Graz, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Paris & Mexico City.  Our mission is to not only nurture each artist and provide them with a new platform in the Nordics but also to present fresh, emerging contemporary art in an affordable and accessible way to new art buyers in Scandinavian or those who wish to add to an existing art collection.

Their journeys are witnessed in the paintings, works on paper & sculpture they create as they open up their minds & deliver diaries of their souls. Our concept is to share the value of the individual artist & the unique works that they create in a conversation, bringing you closer to the artwork.


"Art, Undeniably, is conducive to happiness." 


Pablo de Gortari

christian jouhet


Chelsea Davine

  • Home - Barcelona, Spain
  • Style - Abstract Expressionism
  • Painting - Bold & calm 
  • Character - Extrovert & warm
  • Artistic Influence - Anish Kapoor & Francis Bacon
  • Music - Radiohead