Purchasing artwork or photography should be a unique and pleasurable experience. Our art advisory is tailored to each client’s individual requirements, current art collection, interior style and budget aiming to be both seamless and memorable.


Abstract work on black steel by Chelsea Davine

“The Nordic Art Agency provided the best ”buy-art-experience” in my life so far and I will be sure to visit the gallery when I am ready to find another piece of art for my home.

I first met with Juliet one evening when there was an Open House at the Nordic Art Agency and I decided to pass by on my way home. It took me three minutes and I found myself standing in front of a piece of art that I more or less fell in love with, Kintsugi II by Chelsea Davine. Juliet supported me through the buying process. After I had decided and bought it, Juliet organised a meeting for me with the artist herself. What more to say?”

Robert, Malmö 2018



Mixed Media Painting by Chelsea Davine

Pale Meridian

Pale Meridian

“I met artist Chelsea Davine at the Nordic Art Agency Pop Up in Malmö at a live painting event and it was very interesting to see her technique. I decided to purchase a painting later that year after much discussion and was lucky to meet the artist again at the gallery. The whole experience felt very personal and professional and everyone who comes into our home comments on the painting!”

Patrik & Marie, Helsingborg 2018

Mixed Media on Paperboard by Marta Lafuente


“We worked with the Nordic Art Agency to help us find the perfect artwork for our wedding registry gift.  We wanted a piece which reflected this important moment in our lives, within our budget and which we would enjoyed for years to come.  Juliet’s knowledge and experience made the process really memorable! We will treasure our painting by Marta Lafuente and the knowledge and guidance given by the Nordic Art Agency.”

 Agnes & Thomas, Copenhagen 2018

Mixed media on steel by Chelsea Davine

Chelsea Davine

"A friend and I stumbled upon the Nordic Art Agency Pop Up exhibition last year. I was immediately drawn in by a captivating piece by Chelsea Davine hanging in the window.  Once inside,  Juliet, the founder of the Nordic Art Agency was warm, inviting and knowledgeable.  I am a first-time art buyer, and Juliet had a great demeanour--she was insightful and passionate about both the pieces and the artists, but didn't push--she was keen for me to find something that worked for my own space and my own personal style.  The original piece that had drawn me in wasn't quite right for my space, so I ended up choosing another Chelsea Davine piece that simply makes me happy on a daily basis.  I encourage anyone, especially first-time buyers to stop in and be inspired--by the artwork, the artists, and Juliet herself!”

Priya Motupalli, Malmö 2018

Big Sleep by Lars Daniel

Temporary image, clients image coming soon

Temporary image, clients image coming soon

“I really did not have space for another art work let alone two. However, as soon as I saw Lars Daniel’s photography series I was blown away. The real problem was in deciding which one to go with the one I instantly knew I wanted. I love them and I also like people’s reaction to them. I had wonderful service and Juliet was really helpful in getting the art work to the UK.”

Jessica Sebag-Montefiore, London 2018

Enchanted Shrouds 18 by Christian Jouhet

Temporary image, clients image coming soon

Temporary image, clients image coming soon

I very much enjoy the painting by Christian Jouhet. I have been looking for many years for a painting that spontaneously appeals to me, not just for the moment, but also in the longer term. So as a nice and genuine relationship develops. And just like that is with this particular work. It both gives a nice feeling in the room while it gives me new reflections and impressions when I look at it. It is very simple at first glance, but also complex when deepening in it. Now after a few months, I can’t imagine the room without the artwork!

Everything worked very well with Nordic Art Agency. Nice treatment, good views and rewarding conversations about the paintings and the artists behind the art.
— Hans Jonsson, Malmö