Christian Jouhet


Christian Jouhet's work is sublime. It leaves us with with a lofty, almost spiritual connection which both calms and inspires. 

As the artist explains, "the essential thing in my work, present and future, is to find the basis of creative processes  that are essential and too often forgotten: the line, the light, the value  and the support. Attempt to offer a different visual perception. For me, it's back to basics and forget the mass of pollution accumulated for  years! " 

Christian has exhibited all over Europe and the US with an impressive body of paintings, papers and sculpture. We are delighted to introduce this established French artist to the Nordics as his simplicity and elegance certainly harmonise with Scandinavia aesthetic.


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ORIGINAL works AVAILABLE to view from 40,000 - 60,000 SEK

 Tryptic in Yellow           96 x 76 x 3

Tryptic in Yellow           96 x 76 x 3

 Enchanted Shrouds  1         63 x 60 cm    SOLD

Enchanted Shrouds  1         63 x 60 cm 


 Incongruous Dialogues 4           56 x 74

Incongruous Dialogues 4           56 x 74

 Shameless Indecency                  130 x 97 cm  &  130 x 50 cm 

Shameless Indecency                  130 x 97 cm  &  130 x 50 cm 

 Enchanted Shrouds   29                                90 x 80 cm 

Enchanted Shrouds   29                                90 x 80 cm 


artists biography

School of Fine Arts Clermont Ferrand

National School of Fine Arts of Paris

National Diploma of Fine Arts, engraving



Galleria Cadario. Milan

Coleman Burke, Gallery, NYC.

Ruth Volid Gallery, Chicago, IL

Keith Morrison Agency, NYC

Galerie KELLERMANN - Dusseldorf

Galerie ZIMMERMANN - Dortmund

Galerie TH. Hülsmeier  Osnabrück

Galerie Ostendorff - Münster

Art Édition - Düsseldorf

FrameCraft -Antwerpen

Arteditions - Zürich


Solo Exhibitions

Art Fair Paris

LURZ & HÖLSCHER - Dûsseldorf

Salon international de l'estampe 2016 Grand Palais -PARIS

Cal Print. Los Angeles

Ljubljana. Jugoslavia Biennale

Biennale Montréal

Art Print. Barcelone

Art Event. Lille


ST. Art - Strasbourg

Art - Karlsruhe

Galerie L'ESTAMPE -Strasbourg. Janvier 2016

Galerie ELITZER - Saarbrück. Allemagne. Juillet-septembre 2016



“L’archipel des désirs” - Ed. mda. Série d’eaux fortes. 

“L'étrange Lady L” - Ed. Personnelle. Monotypes. 

“I’m beginning to see the light ” - Ed. Small world. NYC. Sérigraphies.